On Roundabout Sillyness

Who the h*#% invented this useless thing?  At least of every places that I've been to, I've only seen one that actually work properly and that is certainly not in this country (Indonesia).  All the roundabout locally is nothing but a huge trap for traffic jam / slowdown since nobody actually put any sane thought on how to do correct traffic flow for it.  For those who does not know what I'm talking about, roundabout is that circle structure in a middle of a 2 or more ways road intersection.  For example:  Bundaran HI or the one in Kelapa Gading or wherever else you can think of. *sigh*


On Silly Road Design or Lack of It

Every day of the week since I got back to Indonesia (let see, counting this year, it would be already 5 years), I have to endure one silly portion of the road that is called Joglo Raya.  Let see, how should I begin...  Okay, imagine a 4 lane (officially) road, 2 going to one direction and 2 going the other direction which suddenly narrow down to 2 freaking lane (1 going one way and one going the other way) which will go on for about 1 km or so and suddenly becoming a broad 4 lane (officially) again. Can you say... BOTTLE-FREAKIN'-NECK???

Combine that with the unruly Jakarta's motorists... remember, I mentioned 4 official lanes... unofficially, it's 6 or 8 freaking lane, meaning you squish 4 lanes of traffic into one that supposed to be only 2 lanes going the same direction.  Can you say LACK OF TRAFFIC-*#$%&-CONTROL & PLANNING???

I don't think I have to say anything more on this subject. *sigh*


On Queueing or Lack of It

One thing that I freakin' hate is that people who just don't understand about queueing etiquette.  Surprisingly, I've seen sticker / banner on this topic somewhere (forgot where I've seen it... maybe at the airport, not sure) in big big letters.  Something like ...BUDAYA NGANTRI...  But, apparently Indonesian public or most that I've encountered anyhow are totally foreign to this concept.  This, more than anything is one of the most annoying habit that I found of the local people, especially on the road, but not constrained to one.  Yesterday alone, I've encountered numerous of this, on the road and when queueing for food... say at Es Teler 77 or after church trying to buy a street vendor's food.  *sigh*


Are You a Lemming / Cartman Wannabe?

lemmings_by_mirzOh while we are on the topic, how come I get the impression that Indonesian public mentality is similar to those video game characters in Lemmings.  You know... if the one in front is jumping off a cliff the rest will basically follow the one in front.   Plenty of proof of this that you can see every single freakin' day.  Don't believe me?  Just pay attention the motorists on your way to work or back.  One of them will run over a traffic light and about 6 or 10 others will follow closely behind.

COME ON, PEOPLE!! Stop the Cartman - me first and screw you all - mentality (If you don't know what I'm talking about, look up South Park somewhere) already *sigh*