On Security Half Ass Done

Where should I begin…  Let’s take Pacific Place Mall in Jakarta for a start.  Recently, I am sure most of us in Jakarta already know about a particular incident in this place where a young lady was murdered inside the mall.  OMG.  This place is one of the high class shopping centre in Jakarta, with expensive security screening and checkpoints clearly visible on the mall entrances (or some of entrances).  So let’s see where the security flaws are…  If you come by car, as you try to enter the parking lot in the basement, the security staff will “search or put a facade of attempting to search” for suspicious things in your car, but as most of us know, this sort of thing if not done properly is just half-ass done and this is the case most of the time.  So say if I have a concealed weapon in a bag which is inside the car, they don’t really going to find them.  Oh but wait… after you park your car in the basement and try to enter the building … There is a security guy at the door, but … he doesn’t do anything.  You can just waltz yourself into the building and go on your merry way.   Another point of entry into the mall is a strip of underground tunnel from Jl. Jendral Sudirman into the mall.  There is a security checkpoint there, but again, I’ve seen enough people going through the checkpoint and causing the alarm to beep, but… no extra security check was performed by the guard.  Of the latest, I’ve seen it in a lot at other places as well.  Totally, totally false sense of security.

On Cause and Effect

In a nearby rich neighborhood from where I live, oh heck, let’s just call it by name, Kebun Jeruk Intercon, one family home was robbed.  The detail is not important.  It just happened to involve a small kid, maid of the house and stranger pretending to know the owner of the house and was granted access into the house by the maid or something like that.  One thing that you should know is that this particular neighborhood connects two major roads (Joglo Raya and Meruya) and a lot traffic is taking advantage of it by passing through the neighborhood to get from one road to the other.  Not long after the incident, the usual passageway through the neighborhood were blocked (at least from Joglo Raya side).  No more traffic can get through from that side.  I’m sure as a community, the neighborhood has put a lot of thought before closing itself to the public, but I don’t think they thought about the effect of such action.  All the traffic, and I mean a lot of it, that used to go through that connecting road now has to be redirected somewhere else.  The problem is, the other supporting roads are just inadequate to receive the new traffic flow and walla, the already hellish traffic area is now becoming more unbearable.  Where it used to be a pretty smooth 10 to 15 minutes ride through Srengseng, now becomes 45 minutes to 1 hour to go through.  And the funny thing is, even though they plugged the main entrance, there are a lot of other ways to get in / out from that complex.  I can think of 2 to 3 already.  And Indonesian being resourceful as we are can’t help but to take advantage of these “jalan tikus” (alternate roads).  The people using these alternate small roads are so many that they are causing more traffic jam in Joglo Raya that is as I said already a hellish road, especially one narrow part of it.  Do the people in Intercon deserve to feel safe?  Of course, they do, but … are they really safe now that they have closed that particular road entrance?  I think not.

What’s the Point?

My point for this rambling is that, in the end, you just can’t depend on other for security.  You have to take it seriously on your own.  Be aware of your surrounding and the lack of security there of.  Be proactive and less reactive.  Knee jerk reaction like in the second story will only cause more problems, if not for you, then for a lot of others and really… in that particular example, it’s not even a complete safety solution.