I used to code using Resharper previously and have gotten used to the F12 key to navigate to the next problem area / errors in my code and then pressing Alt+Enter to quickly fix the problem.

This is very useful and speed up my coding time considerably when doing TDD style development.

Missing Resharper in Visual Studio 2010, I was determine to find a way to replicate this.

After messing around a while with Tools, Options, Keyboard and Macro and what not, I found a way to do this.

It turned out my keyboard scheme was set to Visual Basic 6 for some reason instead of C# and the thing that I’m looking for was not bind to any key.

In C# scheme, the View.NextError command is bound to Ctrl+Shift+F12.

In VB6 scheme, View.NextError is not even bound.

After fixing the scheme, I was able to work much faster.

1. Code as usual per TDD, some squiggly lines will show up as you typed in class / method name that has not been defined yet.   Keep going until done.

2. Press Ctrl+Shift+F12, it will jump to the first squiggly.  Click Ctrl+. or Alt+Shift+F10 to show the smart tag options.

3. Choose the action that I want (Generate stub, etc.) and hit Enter.

4. Press Ctrl+Shift+F12 again to go to the next squiggly, repeat the process until I am done.


I might remap the keyboard shortcut to how Resharper setting (F12 and Alt+Enter).  So used to those settings and less keystrokes involved.